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We are a team of long-time professionals with great experience in the online poker and gambling industry in general. The goal of this site is to provide players out there, especially those just starting up, with all the important information to get their journey on the right track. While online poker has changed quite a bit over the past few years, it is still a fun game to play and can also be a very profitable one.

We aim to create a site where players (and those looking to become players) can get answers to all of their questions and also discover the best poker rooms to play at. By covering a wide array of topics, from site reviews, over game rules, to strategy and general advice, it is our goal to offer a well-encompassed, trustworthy environment that will help attract more players to the game.

Some people may be saying that poker is dying, but we don’t share this opinion. While it may be far from its glory days, the game still remains the favorite hobby of many around the world and, with the right push, it could blow up once again. We want to give our small contribution to this happening.

The core of our team consists of several people who have been around poker for a long time and have seen the industry grow and change over the years. Their insights and knowledge should help you along the way.

Ivan Ivan

Ivan has been playing online and live poker for well over a decade now. Getting into the mix of things some years after the poker boom, he still caught the poker bug and fell in love with the game. After playing professionally for several years, he turned more to the industry side of things, so these days he splits his time between playing live tournaments and writing strategy and advice pieces. With love for the game still burning strong within him, he’s found a perfect place within our team as he shares our common vision of bringing poker back to the masses.

Darren Darren

Darren has been with our team from the start and has helped launch the site. His knowledge and expertise are more on the industry side of things. He knows how poker rooms operate, how rake and rakeback work, and all the other important ins and outs of online poker. He’s been contributing with the advice and contacts but also writing a lot of guides and articles to help players find and recognize the best deals out there.

Mike Mike

A serious online grinder, Mike has seen a lot of success on major online rooms such as PokerStars and Full Tilt (back in the day). With online tournament winnings in serious six figures, he is our go-to guy for more serious, elaborate strategy discussions. Since he hasn’t been playing as much lately, Mike has joined our team and is eager to share some of his knowledge and insights with the rest of the world, hoping to help create a new poker boom.